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The excel file below is editable and automatically determines the value of both solid Karat gold (10K, 14K, 18K etc) as well as filled gold and even silver. There are even two reference Grids in the file that allow for quick/easy reference for the cost per gram of precious metal on the go (at flea markets etc).

  • Member only accessible Excel file that contains 5 worksheets (Become a Member -- FREE):
    1. Gold Calculator [screenshot] (for buying gold karat items at x profit)
    2. Gold Calculator [screenshot] (for buying gold filled items at x profit)
    3. Silver Calculator [screenshot] (for buying silver at x profit)
    4. Gold Gram Grid [Preview] (simple reference sheet of what a gram of gold is worth by karat type and current market rate)
    5. Silver Gram Grid [Preview] (simple reference sheet of what a gram of silver is worth by type and current market rate)

Give me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it on the calculators - anything you'd like to see differently or don't understand in the calculator?

The calculators and reference grids are only a good starting point. When buying gold or silver you need to also consider the fees that are involved in converting the metal to cash. Some of the additional fees to be aware of include:

  • Shipping fees, registration, and insurance about $30-$50 per package.
  • Refinery payout rates, depending on the vendor you use. If you find a vendor that pays less than 95% for scrap Gold - then keep looking because 95% is easy to find and even up to or over 100% for pure bullion. For Silver, 90% for Sterling & Coin silver, and 92-105% for Pure or fine bullion is typical.
  • Additional refining fees, depending on the vendor you use. In addition to a payout rate you may also have to pay setup fees, or minimum lot size fees, or any other number of fees.
  • I recommend you find a vendor that doesn't nickle and dime you with fees. The payout is the payout and that's it. See the section for Converting Metals to Cash to learn more.

Last Updated on Saturday, 29 May 2010 06:59