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I have a couple of different categories that I find to work well for Gold Hunting, besides the obvious Bullion category, I often find a lot of great values in the other cateogries. You'll notice below in the "Obvious" section that I have 3 different ways that I look at a category on eBay. The first 3 examples are all variants on the Bullion category. In the "Non Obvious" section I just listed the category - but the methodology I use in the Bullion category holds true for all eBay categories. You want to look at a category from 3 different points of view.



  1. Coins & Paper Money > Bullion (Newly listed in the last hour)
  2. Coins & Paper Money > Bullion (Ending in next 2 hours)
  3. Coins & Paper Money > Bullion (Ending in next 12 hours WITH "Make and Offer" - seller may be more flexible now!)

Not Obvious:

Why on earth would one look for scrap gold in the Non Obvious categories I mention above? Because even Filled Gold and Rolled Gold are valuable and sometimes have even higher profit margins that gold does. Mainly because people don’t understand the value of Filled & Rolled Gold. See the Calculations area on the left to learn more about the differences.


I also like to setup key word searches at the root level of the Coins & Bullion, Jewelry & Watches, and Collectibles categories. Then I save those key word searches to my "Saved Searches" on eBay. This way when I'm bored, I can search through these wider ranging searches that might pickup items that are miscategorized by the sellers. If you watch the categories I listed above, you limit yourself to items posted in those areas.


So it depends on how complex you want to make your techniques. Mine basically consist of a 3 part approach:

  1. I leave RSS Owl news feed open on my computer - to watch key RSS feeds and new Buy It Now postings for me.
  2. Then I will go through the categories I listed above - usually manually looking at the auctions, both those ending in 1 hour and those started within the last hour. That takes me about an hour to go through all the categories (and as soon as I go through them - they are out of date as new items are listed all the time!)
  3. Lastly if it's a 'slow' day and steps 1 & 2 are not generating leads, then I'll go to my eBay Saved Searches and start checking them out. Many of the Saved Searches are combinations of key words & root level categories.

While there is going to be overlap in all these methods, you eventually can get fast at recognizing the photos and links that you've already seen and can skip them. What you are looking for - is those auctions that have slipped through the cracks because someone listed it in the wrong place, or with the wrong words or phrases. Those auctions can be quite profitable if you find them before other people do.


Last Updated on Saturday, 08 May 2010 10:52