Always be on the look out. Always be aware. Always be ready to pounce!

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Oh No! Help!

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Hunting for Gold and Silver scrap on ebay is a relatively easy process just requiring patience and tollerance for risk. Risk!?! Yes, risk. I've learned the hardway about honest mistakes, outright liars, and dubious auctions. I'll talk about things to watch out for and some early warning signs. The nice thing is that if you are at least aware and cautious - you can protect yourself from most of these issues.

Probably the best place to start the education is with the last line of defense - eBay & PayPal policies. In a lot of circumstances you can actually recover your money if you follow their process. The short explaination of how it works:

  1. Your research items on eBay and settle on bidding for one, AND WIN! Always, Always, Always, pay for things with Paypal (to get this support/recover of funds).
  2. Item is shipped to you (or not shipped, or the wrong thing shipped, or a fake thing etc) - OH NO!
  3. Try to work it out with the seller first but if it's a gross error - you might have been duped and might not get a response. Assuming things go quite wrong, you then shift into your last line of defense - Paypal. Here's roughly how it works.
    • Assuming you've paid by paypal and you have a grievance with the seller, and you and the seller have not been able to work out the issue - then your last option is to file a dispute using the eBay Resolution Center.
Last Updated on Saturday, 17 April 2010 22:11