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What to watch for

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When hunting for gold it's important to make sure that you have a solid grasp on the basic foundational knowledge of what you're looking for. It's not hard, it just takes getting used to. Topics like weights (grams, ounces, dwt, troy etc), metal content (9K,10K,12k,14k,18k,22k,24k), .999/fine, rolled, filled, plated - OH MY! To learn about the basics, see the KEY CONCEPTS area to the left and read up on "Types of Gold", then come back.


Here's what you need to watch out for on eBay:

  • When an auction has the weight quoted in grams - you have no worries, just do that basic conversion to troy ounces x spot x [1-your profit margin] x refinery fees = what you're willing to pay. Simple right? Spend some time in the KEY CONCEPTS area learning about Calculations.
  • When an auction has the weight quoted in ounces - you have to wonder - what do they mean? Wait - there's more than one type of ounce? Yes.
    • See the Calculations area to learn more but in a nut shell a TROY Ounce = 31.1 grams whereas a regular Ounce (as in a Kitchen scale, post office scale, bathroom scale etc) weighs 28 grams.
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