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This flea market section was only just turned on today 5/9/10. I need to add significant content to it and move my post below to a blog area instead of being an article. Stay tuned.

I am so EXCITED!

It is 5:30am Chicago time and I'm up and ready to leave the house for the local flea market. This is the first time since opening season, 2 weeks ago, that I've been able to go. Missed the big opening day - luckily last week was rained out, but unfortunately they are cutting today's hours and closing at noon - apparently a sporting event is having playoffs.

Anyway, if you have never heard of Wolffs's a biggy in Chicago. Sunday is 10K visitors and 700 vendors, I'll be there right up until closing. If you've never gone before and you happen to be there today - you won't know who I am ;-p but I'll be hunting with my bag of gold. I've got a couple grand in my pocket, and that gold bug itch!

This might actually spark the creation of the Fleamarket section of the site this evening, check back.

Update: It was craptacular this week. I got there at 6:30am, there were only about 80% of vendors there, was a bit cold, and for the first 2 hours I bought 3 items for a whopping $10. On my way out I stopped at one last vendor who was a late comer and I spent $150 for about $300-$400 worth of gold and silver. I still need to sit down and go through it to quanity the actual value. Hopefully next week will be better - though I may go to a different Flea Market - called Grey's lake.

Last Updated on Sunday, 09 May 2010 11:13