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Karat Marks

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Karat Marks

This area is under construction.

Karat marks are a good first indicator if you have found gold and there are various places where they can show up including:




There are also some dead give aways that are NOT gold:

Items generally shaped like this specific tag are a dead give away that the item is not gold. Especially when it carries the words, Hong Kong, Korea, or Germany on it.

Some items are only Gold Filled:

Pocket Watch Cases

Pocket Watch Cases are generally not gold unless specifically marked with 14K or 18K or 585 or 750. Generally the pocket watch will carry only words inside the case such as "Guaranteed for X years" which is a dead give away that the item is gold filled. The number of years is the indicator of how thick the gold is. Example, guaranteed for only 10 years...thin gold compared to guaranteed for 25 years. How much gold? hard to say - but the value of a pocket watch as scrap is typically about $1 a gram. If a typical men's pocket watch (without the movement or steel spring) weights 20 grams, then the average pocket watch has $20 of gold in it - as an example.

Necklaces, earings, pendants, broaches

Often times an item will carry wording that says 1/5, 1/10, 1/20, 1/40 G.F. or RGP or other various ways to indicate that an item is gold filled. The ratio represents the portion of the item that is gold. So a small service pin that says 1/10 10K and weights 2.4 reality 1/10 of the weight is 10K. In this case 0.24 grams is 10K gold. If you look up the value of 10K gold on the Gold Grid you'll see that it's roughly $16/gram x 0.24 grams = $3.85

Gold Filled items are often over looked by scrappers, but they can be picked up for cheap, are generally the most plentiful to find, and they do have value!

Last Updated on Sunday, 13 June 2010 13:45