Always be on the look out. Always be aware. Always be ready to pounce!

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Welcome to the™ Portal!

Start with the Beginner's Guide

On this site you will find a constantly evolving source of information about hunting for gold on eBay, at Flea Markets (indoor vs outdoor), hosting Gold Parties, searching Estate Sales, and even farming friends, relatives, and co-workers. This site attempts to fill the void on the web of centralized, easily available, and FREE content that relates to finding scrap Gold (& Silver). Why should you have to pay for the knowledge like the static, non interactive ebooks and phamplets you can buy on eBay?

Perhaps even more importantly than free knowledge, this site talks about the entire process from Financing (or finding free cash to work with), searching for the shiny stuff, and finally converting the metal into cash at low cost. This is all stuff that other Gold Hunters don't want you to know, so why am I telling you? For the same reason that someone made the TV Series, "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed"... someone has to do it!

If you are not a gold hunter - but just want to know what your gold is worth so you can sell it at a fair price, then just "Cut to the Chase".

This site will grow as time and resources allow. Initially the content build out will start with a focus on eBay methods and then move to farming Flea Markets, then Gold Parties, and finally Estate Sales and others. If you are looking for something that hasn't been written about, send an email to the and I'll be sure to add the content (or just help you with your question). Or better yet, you can contribute articles as well! Just register first. Why become a member?

Always be on the look out. Always be aware. Always be ready to pounce!