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Key software that I use, stuff like AS, RSS Owl, IE Kcast etc

  • Kitco's Kcast - for real time gold and silver bullion prices
  • RSS Owl - for updates by the minute of new postings to eBay's Buy It Now area


Real time Gold and Silver quotes from Kitco's Kcast software. The software is free and not computer resource intensive. I leave it on all of my computers, running in the lower right corner of my screen, showing me the current spot rate of silver and gold. Good for both general awareness but also if you want to sell during unexpected high spikes (locking in the spike only applies to selling to Kitco for bullion products)


I've been hunting for gold for years without any software other than my laptop, an internet connection, and excel files to keep track of things. However, in the last few weeks I found a new tool that has allowed me to spenmd $30,000 in 3 weeks on eBay auctions. The software is a News Reader that checks eBay every minute for new postings. Getting the scoop on the competition is half the battle.

The free news reader I use is called RSS Owl and it can process any RSS / Atom news feed. When you are on eBay and have a search that you like, look at the bottom of the eBay search page and you'll see the  icon. What I do is create an eBay search that I like, (here's a Buy It Now, newly listed, Gold Bullion RSS Feed) click on the RSS icon to generate a feed, and then in RSS Owl setup the feed to automatically watch for new items. Here's an example of Feeds that I have setup. The left side has various feeds and the right side shows the resulting auctions in those feeds.

To get you started you can install RSS Owl and then import some basic News Feeds that I regularly watch. Right click on the file GoldEducator and save it to your desktop, then unzip the file. Assuming you have already installed RSS Owl, go to the File Menu > Import > Import Feeds from File and choose Browse > locate the GoldEducatorRSS.opml file on your desktop and click next > and then finish. You now have some basic RSS Feeds that you can watch for deals on eBay. Deals that JUST STARTED as well as deals that are ending in the last 5 hours - and the seller might be open to a gentle suggestion to lower their buy it now price. Even if they don't lower the price before the end of the auction - when it relists, more often than not they will list based on YOUR SUGGESTION! And of course you are watching new auctions - so as soon as it ends, some people immediately repost it - and viola, you win!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 21:11