American Hartford Gold Review, A Trusted Gold Dealer In L.A

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If you’re considering investing in precious metals, you may have come across American Hartford Gold, a reputed gold dealer based in Los Angeles.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the company’s background and industry reputation. We’ll explore your investment options with them, detail their customer service experience, and break down their pricing and fee structure.

Additionally, we’ll highlight any promotions or endorsements that could enhance your investment journey. Lastly, we’ll consider alternatives to guide you towards making an informed decision. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, it’s vital to ensure the gold dealer you choose aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.

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This analysis of American Hartford Gold aims to provide those key insights for you. So sit back as we assess whether this L.A-based firm fits the bill as a reliable partner in your precious metal investment journey.

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Company Overview

You’re looking at American Hartford Gold, a reputable and trustworthy gold dealer based in the heart of Los Angeles, radiating confidence and reliability like a solid gold coin. They’ve been in business for years, carving out their niche as one of America’s premier precious metals investment companies.

It’s more than just selling gold; they create sustainable financial strategies that utilize the power of precious metals.

This company prides itself on its exceptional customer service. Their team is knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions or guide you through your investment journey. Transparency is a key aspect of their business model; they believe in providing clear information about their products and services so you can make informed decisions that suit your needs.

American Hartford Gold has an impressive range of offerings. From physical gold bullion to silver bars, they cater to all types of investors looking for tangible assets that can withstand economic downturns.

So why wait? Dive into this ocean of golden opportunities with American Hartford Gold today. With them by your side, navigating the world of precious metals becomes less complicated and more rewarding.

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Industry Reputation

In the bustling world of precious metal trading, it’s American Hartford Gold’s solid reputation in the industry that sets them apart from other competitors in sunny Southern California. They’ve established themselves as a go-to choice for many investors looking to diversify their portfolios with gold and other precious metals.

Here are some key points about their esteemed status:

  • Industry Accreditation: The company is accredited by leading bodies such as the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC).
  • High Ratings: They consistently receive high ratings from customers on consumer review sites.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating: American Hartford Gold boasts an A+ rating from BBB, reflecting its commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Consumer Affairs Endorsement: Consumer Affairs endorses them for their exceptional service delivery.
  • Trustpilot Reviews: Their impressive score on Trustpilot signifies the trust they have earned among clients.

Pros and cons

Only firm endorsed by Bill O’Reilly and Rudy Giuliani
Has an excellent rating on Trustpilot from 1,000+ customers
A+ rating with the BBB
Price match guarantee
Buyback commitment
Expert precious metals specialists at your service
Privacy – Your information is never shared with any private or public entity
100% FREE IRA Rollover – FREE maintenance storage & insurance for up to 3 years

No pricing listed on website
No international shipping
Minimum investment requirement of $10,000 for Gold IRA rollovers

The credibility American Hartford Gold has built over time through these recognitions speaks volumes about their dedication to providing top-notch services. Their longstanding performance coupled with positive feedback from satisfied clients further solidifies their position in this competitive market, making them a trusted dealer you can confidently partner within your gold purchasing endeavors.

Investment Options

When it comes to diversifying your investment portfolio, there’s a wealth of options offered by this esteemed company that can perfectly suit your financial goals. American Hartford Gold is renowned for its wide array of precious metals products, providing an avenue for investors to hedge against market instabilities.

Their product line includes gold and silver bullion coins, bars, and rare coins. Their bullion selection consists mainly of American Eagle and Canadian Maple Leaf coins – both highly sought after due to their purity and universally recognized value. Bars are another option if you’re looking for more weighty investments, with options ranging from one gram to 400 ounces.

On the other hand, if you’re inclined towards collectibles or see potential in numismatic value appreciation, American Hartford Gold also offers a diverse range of pre-1933 US minted gold coins. These rare pieces not only hold intrinsic metal value but also have the potential for significant premium growth over time.

Careful consideration should be given when choosing among these various investment avenues as each has its own merits and risks associated with it. American Hartford Gold representatives are well-equipped to guide you through this decision-making process based on your individual needs and risk tolerance levels.

Customer Experience

As an investor, it’s your journey that truly matters, and American Hartford Gold ensures a seamless customer experience every step of the way. Their customer service team is highly knowledgeable and ready to help you navigate through any concerns or questions you may have about gold investments.

Every query is addressed promptly, ensuring that you never feel left in the dark.

The company goes above and beyond to personalize their services to meet your specific needs. They don’t just offer generic solutions; instead, they take time to understand your financial goals and risk tolerance before recommending suitable investment options. This customized approach has been lauded by numerous customers who appreciate American Hartford Gold’s commitment towards their satisfaction.

Moreover, transparency is at the core of all transactions with American Hartford Gold. Clear communication about pricing, purchase processes, and potential risks are maintained so that there are no hidden surprises. You’ll always be informed about where your money is going and how it’s being utilized.

While dealing with American Hartford Gold, you’ll notice a marked difference in your investment journey – one defined by expertise, personalized care, clear communication, and transparency – elements crucial for any successful relationship between an investor and their chosen gold dealer.

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Pricing and Fees

You’ll find that pricing and fees are straightforward with American Hartford Gold, ensuring you get value for your money without any unexpected costs. This company strives to maintain transparency in all their transactions, making it easy for clients like you to understand what you’re paying and why.

  1. Commissions: The commissions of this gold dealer are competitive when compared with other companies in the market.
  2. Storage Fees: They offer a fully insured custodial storage solution for precious metals at reasonable rates.
  3. Shipping Costs: Shipping is free on all orders which is an added advantage.
  4. Buyback Program: If at any point you decide to sell back your metals, they don’t charge a liquidation fee.

American Hartford Gold prides itself on its fair pricing policies, setting them apart from many competitors who might have hidden charges or confusing fee structures. Their prices are based directly on the spot price of gold, meaning the current market price without any substantial markups. This approach respects your budget while still offering high-quality products and services.

So when considering investing in precious metals, remember: understanding what you’re paying for can make all the difference between a good investment and an excellent one!

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Promotions and Endorsements

Let’s dive into the exciting world of promotions and endorsements this company has to offer. American Hartford Gold is well-known for its frequent promotional activities, making investment in precious metals more enticing to you.

From waiving fees on certain services to offering discounts on bulk purchases, they ensure you get the best bang for your buck.

Promotions aside, their credibility is boosted by a slew of high-profile endorsements. The most notable endorsement comes from Steve Forbes himself, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media who speaks highly of their service and products.

Moreover, they’re endorsed by Alan Thicke, a renowned TV personality who praises American Hartford Gold for its rare combination of top-notch customer service and competitive rates. Their reputation isn’t just built on empty words; these endorsements testify their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Their promotional practices coupled with influential endorsements make them an appealing choice for gold investments. If you’re looking at investing in precious metals like gold or silver, it wouldn’t hurt checking out what American Hartford Gold has on offer.

Remember that promotions can change often so keep an eye out for the best deals!

Alternative Considerations

Before diving headfirst into the precious metals market, it’s crucial to weigh other investment options and consider your financial goals. Although American Hartford Gold is a reliable dealer, there are alternative considerations you should bear in mind.

  • Real Estate: This traditional asset class can offer both income through rent and potential appreciation.
  • Stocks & Bonds: The stock market has historically provided higher returns over the long term than most other investments. Bonds, on the other hand, are lower risk but also yield lower returns.
  • Cash Investments: These include saving accounts or certificates of deposit (CDs). They carry minimal risk but provide relatively low returns.

Analyzing these alternatives against investing in gold or silver requires understanding your risk tolerance, financial situation, and investment objectives. Consider factors such as liquidity needs, return expectations, tax implications, and the duration to keep the investment.

Remember that diversification is key when building a robust portfolio. Spreading your funds across different asset classes can help balance risk and reward. Investing in precious metals with American Hartford Gold could be part of this mix but may not be suitable for everyone based on individual circumstances. Always conduct thorough research before making any financial decision.


You’ve seen the facts: American Hartford Gold is a reputable player in the gold industry. They’re worth considering for your precious metal needs. With diverse investment options, satisfactory customer experiences, and reasonable fees, they’re worth considering. But remember, endorsements and promotions aren’t everything – do your own research too. In the end, it’s about what works best for you and your financial goals.